Net zero is the ultimate goal for many green building professionals. Designing and constructing a building that requires no electricity from the grid is an accomplishment that we are starting to see more frequently. However, Seattle’s new Bullitt Center will be taking the net-zero building trend to a new level. The six story tall, 52,000 square-foot office building is designed to be both a net-zero energy building and a net-zero water building while managing all of its own waste needs.

Achieving these goals will not be an easy feat. Some of the green technologies that will be used in the building include:

  • A triple-glazed curtain wall system
  • Windows that open and close automatically depending on outside conditions
  • A closed-loop geothermal system
  • Radiant floor heating and cooling
  • Extensive daylighting thanks, in part, to taller than average ceilings and windows
  • Rooftop solar system designed to generate 100 percent of the building’s energy needs
The green building efforts don’t stop once construction is complete. Tenants in the building will be required to use electronics that are extremely energy efficient and automatically shut down at night. Although this sounds like a strict and even expensive requirement for tenants to meet, four of the six floors have already been rented out and construction has only just begun.

The design and construction team behind this ultimate green building project include The Miller Hull Partnership, Point32, Schuchart Construction and PAE Consulting Engineers.

Learn more about the project by reading Kim Murphy’s article in the Los Angeles Times: In Seattle, work starts on 'greenest' office building.

Seattle's Bullitt Center: The world's greenest office building?
The Bullitt Center will take green building to a new level.