Childhood obesity is one of the biggest health problems our nation faces. With one in six American children falling into the obesity range, something needs to be done now to help these children live a long and healthy life. is focusing on the topic in a story that features five small businesses that are helping combat childhood obesity in innovative and creative ways.


The companies appearing in the feature story include:


WODToys – toys for babies and toddlers with a fitness-themed twist

Growums – vegetable garden kits

MOVband – converts movement, not just steps, into mileage

Ingredient Magazine – a kids' cooking magazine

Getkidsmoving – fun, action-oriented flash cards


The MOVband really caught my eye because it's like a pedometer on steroids. The small, brightly colored band is about the size of a watch and it works like a traditional pedometer by tracking steps. The band also tracks all types of movement, giving the wearer a more in-depth look at their daily activity levels.


MOVband also uses gamification to help motivate the wearer. The company sponsors a MOVband Challenge, encouraging school-aged participants to move 100 miles in a two-week period. As a student reaches each 25-mile milestone, the student can add a brightly colored band to her Movband. This band is a point of pride for the student because classmates, friends and family members know that it was earned for reaching the 25-mile movement mark.


Do you know a small business that is taking a creative approach to combating childhood obesity? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Please post a comment below.


Photo: Movband

Small business solutions to childhood obesity
CNNMoney highlights 5 small businesses that are helping combat childhood obesity.