Social media is a powerful tool and if anyone doubts the power that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites have then they merely need to look at the success of the Snuggie. Yes, the sleeved blanket is proof positive that social media, alone, has the power to send a company’s sales skyrocketing.

Allstar Products is the company behind the Snuggie and while you may not recognize the company’s name, you definitely recognize its best-selling product.

“It certainly put us on the public’s radar,” Scott Boilen, Allstar’s chief executive officer, said in an interview this month at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, New York, clad in a button-down and slacks, sans Snuggie. “It was the first product that really went viral, that really went mainstream like that. It was probably the first product that had the advantage of social media really peaking.”

Snuggie commercials have garnered millions of views on YouTube and Snuggie parodies are even more popular, with one parody video racking up more than 21 million views since it was published on YouTube in January 2009. YouTube is just one of the many social media sites that helped Allstar Products sell more than 35 million Snuggies.

I don’t own a Snuggie but if my kids had their way, they’d have a vast collection of Snuggies. Every time they see a Snuggie in a store they both ask for one. We already have a bevy of blankets in our house and so there is no reason to add a novelty blanket to our collection but my stance on the Snuggie hasn’t stopped Allstar Products from bringing in more than $500 million in revenues from the Snuggie alone. Would the Snuggie be this successful without social media? Probably not.

Allstar Products has other multi-million dollar winners on its hands as well, including the Topsy Turvy, Cold Heat and the Perfect Pancake Pan. These products aren’t just available online or through the toll-free number that appears on the infomercial, mainstream retailers also sell Allstar Products items.

Shoppers at our local Walgreens store are greeted to a good portion of an aisle dedicated to ‘As Seen on TV’ products. Whenever I visit, there is always someone stopped in the aisle perusing the latest gimmicky goods, without fail. I admit to stopping and looking myself, even. I still haven’t caved and bought a Snuggie, though. Perhaps this holiday season will be my downfall because I’m quite certain both of the kids will have the blanket on their Christmas wish list again.

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