I love Kickstarter because you never know what you’ll find on the site, from an Oscar-winning movie to a hoodie with a 10-year warranty, Kickstarter has it all. Even if you are in the market for a decorative walking cane, you can find it on the crowdfunding site.  

Pearl Malkin is an 89-year-old grandmother who was unhappy with her boring cane, so she decided to spruce it up with some faux flowers and a hot glue gun. After grandson Adam London stopped by to visit, the “Happy Canes” Kickstarter campaign was launched.

Grandma Pearl was only looking to raise $3,500 via the campaign but has already raised $4,789 with three more days left. Like all Kickstarter campaigns, supporters receive something for their donation — in the case of “Happy Canes,” some supporters will receive a special voicemail from Grandma Pearl.  

As I mentioned before, the lady is spunky and that comes through in her hilarious voice mails. “Somebody paid $500 to have lunch with me?  I don’t believe it!” A custom voicemail from Grandma Pearl sounds like a good $10 investment to me.

Photo: Vasenka/Flickr

Spunky grandma finds success on Kickstarter
Pearl Malkin and her grandson Adam London launched a line of decorative walking canes, with some help from Kickstarter.