The gun control debate is a polarizing topic, so any business decision related to firearms is sure to make headlines — and that's exactly what has happened to Square. Square recently revised its terms of service and now bans the use of it mobile payment system for firearms, ammunition and related sales. 

Although the timing of the ban is interesting, especially given the attention that gun control has received over the past few months, Square said that its terms of service change was not related to the gun debate and is merely a coincidence.

I’ve never used Square as a business, but I have paid for goods via the Square service. At a recent pet expo, several vendors used Square. The process was quick and easy; simply slide my card, sign my name and Square automatically sends an email receipt. I can see how Square would be a good tool for vendors at gun shows, but gun shows are at the center of the gun control debate. This is why I find it interesting that Square claims the timing is merely coincidental.

I support Square’s decision, though. As a privately owned business, Square can do what it wants, and if firearms and related products don’t fit within the corporation’s values, then the ban makes sense.  

Square’s gun ban is causing some groups to launch a ban of their own., run by the renowned "Joe the Plumber," is calling for a ban of Square.

“Square is a privately owned business and it is our hope that if you support the Second Amendment you will vote with your wallet. We as conservatives believe that the free market should settle issues like this. Contrast that with this story out of Washington state where a florist is being sued for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex marriage ceremony."

I can’t even begin to understand this correlation, but I also support the group’s decision to ban Square. That’s the beauty of this country: as individuals we can show our support for something with our dollars. As for me, I just signed up to receive my very own Square Reader. 

Square bans gun sales
In an interesting move, mobile payment provider Square has banned the use of its service for firearm transactions.