A few weeks ago, I wrote about a green office supply website that I fell in love with (I have a thing for office supplies). In my review of The Second Leaf website, I commented that finding green office supplies on Staples’ website wasn’t very easy. Chris at Staples commented and let me know that if I search for “eco easy” that I will find a wide variety of green office supplies right there on Staples website. I did as he suggested and was delighted to see the catalog of 3,000 eco-friendly products.

Right there on the eco easy landing page is a note about Staples’ commitment to recycling. The company has just received the Recycling Works Award from the National Recycling Coalition for its recycling and waste reduction measures.

“Staples is the first national retailer to offer an every-day in-store technology recycling program. In 2008, Staples collected nearly 5 million pounds of technology waste for responsible recycling through its retail technology recycling program. The company is also one of the world's leading ink recyclers. By accepting any brand or type of cartridge and allowing customers to earn $3 back in Staples Rewards for each cartridge recycled, Staples is on track to recycle 50 million cartridges in 2009.” Source: PR Newswire

So there you have it, office supply giant Staples does have a large selection of eco-friendly products available on its website plus it has an award-winning recycling program in its stores.

Staples receives recycling award
The National Recycling Coalition has recognized Staples for its recycling efforts.