In November 2011 Starbucks launched the Create Jobs for USA program. The campaign invited Starbucks customers to donate $5 to help create and sustain jobs. Although $5 doesn’t sound like much, each donation provided $35 worth of small business financing in communities across the nation.


Since the program’s inception, Starbucks has raised more than $11.5 million in donations from customers and other donors. The funds raised have already created and retained 4,000 jobs here in the United States.


Due to the success of the program, Starbucks is going to continue the Create Jobs for USA campaign indefinitely. Starbucks isn’t just continuing the campaign, though. The company is actually expanding the program with the release of the Indivisible collection.


The new Starbucks Indivisible collection includes whole bean and brewed coffee, a ceramic mug and an acrylic art tumbler. Starbucks will be donating money to the Create Jobs for USA fund for each Indivisible collection sale made through July 9, 2012. Citi Community Development and the Citi Foundation are also participating in this charity blitz with a $1 million donation to the program.


If you are a small business owner, please visit the Opportunity Finance Network to find out how you can apply for funding through the Create Jobs for USA program.


Photo: Starbucks

Starbucks expands job creation program
The Create Jobs for USA program has been extended indefinitely.