Countersurveillance clothing – say that phrase 10 times fast. The general public is growing more concerned about privacy and some industrious designers are cashing in on the privacy issue by releasing countersurveillance clothing and accessories. These items would be at home in a James Bond movie, but soon these high-tech pieces might also find a home in your closet.

One countersurveillance clothing item is the "Anti-Drone Hoodie," which makes it the coolest hoodie out there. The designer describes the item as a “thermally reflective garment designed to thwart aerial surveillance from drones. The metallized fabric is highly reflective to heat, which shields the wearer's thermal signature, reducing their visibility to drone operators.”

I love the technology behind it, but who needs to hide from drones? Of course, nefarious war criminals and rogue armies would like to hide from drones, but what about everyday citizens? Artist Adam Harvey, part of the anti-drone hoodie design team, sees the item as more of a tool to raise awareness about privacy issues than to actually hide from drones.

Harvey told Fast Company, “I see it more as a tuxedo — which I don’t wear either, very often — but it’s a piece that could be worn if you ever needed to wear it. And it’s available.”

I don’t have a tuxedo or a black cocktail dress, so I don’t think that the anti-drone hoodie and other countersurveillance clothing pieces will find a home in my closet. That doesn’t stop me from being a fan of the technology behind the products, though.

via [Fast Company]

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