My mailbox has become inundated with junk mail since my family moved into our new house in 2011. No matter what I try, new catalogs keep showing up in my mailbox. Just last week a men’s big and tall catalog was delivered to our box; my husband is only 5’ 6” tall and not a single item in that catalog would have fit him. Thankfully, a new smartphone app was brought to my attention: PaperKarma.


PaperKarma is available on all major smartphone platforms including the iPhone, Google-powered devices and Windows phones. Simply open up the app, take a photo of the junk mail that you no longer wish to receive and the staff at PaperKarma will work to have your name removed from the mailing list.


Since PaperKarma works on all types of junk mail, including coupons, fliers and mailers, I decided to give the app a try. It is a free download and signing up was easy. PaperKarma works with a Facebook login, but I try to keep my accounts separate so I created a new account just for the app. I completed my registration in about 45 seconds.


Once the account was created, I took a photo of the big and tall catalog that has no business being in my house and sent the photo off to PaperKarma. The app will notify me once our household has been removed from that catalog’s mailing list but I've been warned that it may take several weeks for the company to actually stop the delivery of the unwanted item.


This delay is concerning to some PaperKarma users. While looking through the comments section of PaperKarma on the Apple App Store, I noticed several complaints from users who continued to receive unwanted-but-submitted junk mail items. Perhaps these users missed the message about the delay.


Newmom1226.0407 rated the app with one star and added the following comment, “I agree with the reviews that have said nothing changed. I still get the same junk mail and know [sic] I have submitted one company 4 or 5 times with zero results. So disappointed ... this had great potential!”


However, Richard and Cecile Whipple gave PaperKarma a five-star rating, “My junk mail has decreased because of Paperkarma!”


I just started using the app so I can’t yet rate it, but I’ll be tracking my junk mail over the next month and once I have a better idea of how well the app works, at least for my junk mail situation, I’ll follow-up and share my review with you.


In the meantime, if you use PaperKarma, I’d love to hear your feedback on the app; just drop me a note in the comments section below.


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Stop junk mail with PaperKarma
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