Traditionally, schoolteachers have the summers off, but last week six teachers headed off to a summer school program in the Rockies courtesy of Georgia-Pacific. Teachers from Michigan, Mississippi and New York visited the Keystone Center in Colorado for a weeklong workshop, Key Issues Institute: Bringing Environmental Issues to the Classroom.


During the workshop, teachers not only expanded their environmental knowledge but also learned how to introduce these topics to their students in exciting and engaging ways. Teachers participated in both classroom and field-based learning opportunities and left the center with the curriculum, teaching materials and lab kits needed to share what they’ve learned with their students.


John Oliver, a teacher from New York, participated in this year’s program. Oliver reflected on his time at the program last week: "I've been teaching for almost 20 years and have been to many developmental programs, but my experience at Keystone was a real highlight. Not only was the program highly engaging, but working through real-life environmental scenarios will in turn help my students' critical thinking skills in the classroom." Source: Georgia-Pacific


Next week, two more teachers will be attending the program courtesy of Georgia-Pacific but they will also be joined by my fellow MNN blogger Russell McLendon. Russell, I’m jealous, but I can’t wait to read about your trip.


Summer school in the Rockies
Six teachers headed off to the Rocky Mountains for an environmental teaching skills workshop.