Raising a family as a single mom is difficult. Single moms are not only the sole breadwinners for their families but they are also responsible for everything in that child’s life. One company’s mission is to help support single moms as they return to the workplace — Moms and Jobs (MoJo).

According to MoJo, 39.7 percent of children are born to unmarried mothers and 27 percent of single moms live in poverty. MoJo wants to reduce these numbers by providing single moms training for a career in sustainable apparel manufacturing and even offering free childcare for moms in their program.

"Women with dependent children comprise two-thirds of the poor population. A big part of the problem is that daycare costs for even one child can consume the majority of a woman's salary, making it feel difficult to justify returning to the workforce from a personal and financial standpoint," says Darr Aley, co-chairman of MoJo” Source: MoJo

MoJo recently announced a new “Designers-In-Residence” program and is partnering with Dakini for their 2011 winter line. The single moms who MoJo supports will be hard at work preparing the sustainable apparel line for the public. Products in this line include fleece jackets, vests, turtlenecks and winter accessories that are made with recycled fleece and fabrics.

I love this — a sustainability-minded business model that gives back to an underserved population ultimately providing these single moms with a pathway out of poverty.

Photo: M Glasgow/Flickr

Sustainable jobs for single moms
Moms and Jobs (MoJo) provides sustainable jobs in the apparel industry to single moms.