Who doesn’t love free shipping?  Abe’s Market is taking this Internet shopping perk to a new level this week with the launch of the 'Just One Action' campaign.  Customers that pledge to take one eco-friendly action this week will receive free shipping on orders placed through 11:59 pm PST on May 18.  

Abe’s Market has a variety of actions to choose from including:

  • Ditch the car and using your bike or public transportation to get to work or school this week; it is National Bike Month so this is a good way to celebrate
  • Try a vegetarian diet for just one day
  • Start a digital detox – if the thought of being disconnected scares you, don’t worry – Abe’s Market just asks for a one-hour commitment
  • Get outside and get moving
  • Smile and say hello – Smile and greet a stranger in passing, you might be met with a weird look or you might make a new friend
  • DIY – If you don’t like one of their suggestions, come up with your own
I love campaigns like this.  It isn’t Earth Day and there’s no specific reason for Abe’s Market to host this promotion on this specific week.  According to the Just One Action website, “We know you're already making great choices for a healthier life and a happier planet (hey, you're shopping at Abe's!), but everyone could use an extra little push to do even more.”

Exactly – just seeing this campaign pushed me into action.  My pledge is to get moving.  Every night I’ll be taking my new puppy out on a long walk.  What’s your pledge for the week?

Take an eco-friendly pledge and get free shipping from Abe's
Abe’s Market is hosting a weeklong 'Just One Action' campaign to encourage consumers to take one small eco-friendly step this week.