The second annual Telework Week begins on Monday and I have several blog posts dedicated to teleworking planned including a post on the ways that I stay focused while working from home, a look at some of the companies across the nation that offer teleworking opportunities to their employees, tips on approaching your company about telecommuting and more.


According to the Telework Exchange website, almost 40,000 people pledged to participate in Telework Week 2011. This translates into more than $2.7 million saved on commuting costs while eliminating 1,818 tons of pollutants associated with commuting.


If you’d like to participate in Telework Week 2012 head on over to the Telework Exchange and pledge to work from home for part or all of next week. If you own your own small business you can also pledge your company’s participation in the program.


Will you be teleworking next week?

Telework Week 2012 begins on Monday
Find out how to stay focused while working from home, what companies have telecommuting opportunities and more.