Hines has worked closely with the U.S. Green Building Council and the ENERGY STAR program to create LEED certified office spaces as well as implement the Bring Your Green to Work ideas. Hines’ new building at 717 Texas is the first LEED certified office building in downtown Houston. Now, the company is taking its green office commitment a step further and has developed their own program certification program – GREEN OFFICE (HinesGO).

“Scored on a scale of 100, offices are evaluated in seven categories: Energy Efficiency, People & Atmosphere; Travel & Commuting; Reduce, Reuse & Recycle; Cleaning & Pest Control; Remodeling & Construction; and LEED and/or ENERGY STAR. When a specific strategy or improvement has been implemented, participants earn “Leaf Credits.” Source: Hines

In order to be certified as a Hines GREEN OFFICE, a minimum of 70 “Leaf Credits” must be obtained. Since the program’s inception in December 2008, 89 Hines’ offices have received this certification.

Photo by Matti Mattila

The HinesGO green office program
International real-estate firm Hines announces details of its Hines GREEN OFFICE program.