I did more than just eat a cricket at Greenfest Philly this past weekend. I stopped by the booths of dozens of sustainable businesses and organizations. One that’s worth telling you about is MilkCrate, a recently launched app that calls itself the “innovative app for sustainable local living.”

MilkCrate brings together information on sustainable, local businesses in more than 20 categories. Consumers who use the app have a one-stop shop to point them to responsible businesses that share their sustainable values.

The app is the work of Philadelphia’s Morgan Berman and her sustainably-minded, tech-savvy team. The free, version 1.0 of MilkCrate was recently released for iOS, Android and web platforms. It contains over 2,000 listings for the Philadelphia region. Users can search the current database in list and map views.

This app has the ability to be useful and powerful, bringing like-minded consumers and businesses together in a mutually beneficial way. I will be using it when I’m Philadelphia to discover new sustainable businesses that I’m unaware of. When the app expands to other cities, I anticipate it will be even more valuable to me as a tourist in a city I’m not so familiar with.

I’m also impressed with how the MilkCrate team is choosing the businesses get listed in the app’s database.

“We’re working with major sustainability organizations,” said Berman. They’ve started with the lists of businesses that are associated with reputable organizations like the Sustainable Business Network, Fair Food, and the Human League. Businesses don’t have to be associated with one of these organizations to get listed, though. They can ask to be added through the “get listed” page on the website. MilkCrate has recently brought on someone for quality control to ensure that added businesses stay within MilkCrate’s standards. I like that this is a priority for the company.

In order for the app to continue to add value, there’s an Indiegogo campaign to raise an additional $20,000. If Berman and her team are able to raise the funds through this crowdfunding site, MilkCrate will be able to expand to cities like San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New York City, Baltimore and Boston. The app will continue to add features like maps, personal profiles, favorites list, discounts and deals, business pages, and more with the money that's raised, also.

MilkCrate’s Indiegogo campaign runs through September 23. They’ve funded 39 percent of their $20,000 goal so far and have two weeks left to raise the rest.

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A new app has launched in the Philadelphia region with guides to sustainable businesses in 20 categories.