Even if your company does not emphasize the importance of considering the environment while doing business, you can still do your part by implementing one of these three quick and easy green office tips.

1.  Limit printing
One of the easiest ways to green up your office routine is to limit what you print.  As an example, if you need to proofread a document, many of today's most popular word processing programs allow you to add comments directly into an electronic document.  Features like this enable you to edit or review a document without having to print out a copy for each revision.

If you do need to print, utilize the two-sided printing option that is available on the majority of commercial printers (and even some home office printers.)  Using this option instantly cuts your paper usage by 50%.  After you have finished with the printed document, make it do double duty and use it in boxes for packing material or cut it up to use as notepaper.

2.  Become energy efficient
Another way to create a more eco-friendly office is to take steps to increase energy efficiency in your workplace.  Most employees leave their computers on while out on a break, in a meeting or out to lunch.  Using the sleep mode setting allows the computer to reduce energy usage after a preset amount of time has passed. 

At the end of the day, make sure you turn off your computer and unplug any other electronics in the office.  Although these electronics are turned off, they still leech power.  These devices are known as vampire electronics.

"The International Energy Agency has estimated standby energy use by vampire electronics at 200 to 400 terawatt-hours a year. The entire country of Italy consumes about 300 terawatt-hours of electricity each year, according to the agency."  Source:  CBS News

3.  Turn off the lights
Many companies have switched to the more energy-efficient fluorescent lighting (including the popular compact fluorescent lights) but there is a more efficient lighting method - the sun.  Depending on the location of your office, opening up the blinds is a more eco-friendly way to light up your workspace.

You can get started with these three quick and easy green office tips today.  There is no need to go through facilities approval, paperwork requests, etc - just head on in to your office and be mindful of your printing, pay attention to electronic devices and let a little natural light in.

Three easy green office tips
Green up your office routine without spending a penny.