Indoor rock climbing walls are so passé.  Today’s climbing enthusiast wants something a little different, at least that’s what three entrepreneurs in Buffalo, New York are counting on.  Kevin Cullen, Andy Minier and Jason Schwinger are the outdoor enthusiasts behind a crowdfunding campaign that will turn a 100 year-old grain elevator on the Buffalo River into a state-of-the-art climbing facility.

I love browsing crowdfunding sites because I never know what I’ll find - from a hoodie with a 10-year warranty to a grandma that turns boring canes into floral delights.  Today, I came across Silo City Rocks on and have another interesting find to add to my list.

“Through your generosity, we will be able to fast-forward to the remaining phases of building what will become the most unique climbing-gym & outdoor education/recreation center in the country. With multiple outdoor and indoor climbing routes, bouldering caves, rappelling platforms, sport-routes, as well as a family & community room, education lounge, and yoga studio – Silo City Rocks is going to quickly grow into a destination spot for families, corporate team-building retreats, civic organizations, children’s groups and swarms of avid & new rock-climbers alike!”

The re-development area will also have kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for rent and future plans call for a bike rental shop that will offer guided historical tours of the downtown Buffalo region.

I have a rappelling-loving family; my 9 year-old daughter saw Devin Graham’s ‘World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever’ video and instantly wanted to join in on the fun.  If there was a facility like Silo City Rocks in the Phoenix metropolitan area I can assure you that we would quickly become regular visitors.  Unfortunately, Buffalo is a few thousand miles out of the way.  I do wish the entrepreneurial trio luck in their funding and I can’t wait to read about Silo City Rocks once the project is completed.

Today's abandoned silo is tomorrow's rock-climbing center
Silo City Rocks will turn an antique grain elevator on the Buffalo River in New York into a state-of-the-art climbing facility.