The 4-H youth organization just received a $1.1 million infusion of cash from Toyota. The gift will help 4-H expand the 4 H2O Community Projects program, an environmental stewardship project, and sponsor this year’s 4-H National Youth Science Day.

The 4-H2O Community Projects program helps youth in select areas learn how to protect and conserve local freshwater resources. Students are able to learn about water conservation by participating in hands-on projects including water quality testing and creating rain gardens.

Last year, the 4-H2O Community Projects included 46,000 children from 42 communities in eight states: California, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Texas and West Virginia. Toyota’s gift will help the organization increase their reach this year.

The $1.1 million donation will also help sponsor the 4th annual 4-H National Youth Science Day on October 5, 2011. Hundreds of thousands of youth across the nation will conduct the 2011 National Science Experiment, Wired for Wind. This science experiment will allow students to learn more about wind energy while raising awareness about the importance of renewable energy.

Learn more about Wired for Wind by visiting the 4-H National Youth Science Day website.

Toyota donates $1.1 million to 4-H
Toyota just announced a gift of $1.1 million to 4-H for environmental stewardship programs.