Toyota’s 2011 North American Environmental Report was released today and the company made significant progress towards meeting several five-year sustainability goals. These goals were originally laid out in April 2006 and today’s report revealed that Toyota was able to meet or exceed 80 percent of them by March 2011. Although the company’s five-year time frame has ended, Toyota will continue to work towards achieving all of those goals and more.


Dian Ogilvie, senior vice president and secretary of Toyota Motor North America, Inc commented on the progress, “Despite the challenges, production slow-downs and hard decisions we faced, Toyota found ways to reduce environmental impacts in all areas of our business. We used downtime to train employees and challenged them to find opportunities for improving our performance and sharing their knowledge with others. As a result, we met or exceeded many of the targets in our plan and, where targets were missed, still made progress reducing our impact.”


Toyota’s shining sustainability star is obviously the Toyota Prius. For years it has been the best-selling hybrid in the nation, despite repeated attempts by competitors to dethrone the Prius. This year the Prius family expanded with the addition of the larger Prius v (v for versatility). Next year, two new models will be added to the lineup, the Prius c and the Prius plug-in hybrid.


Of course the Prius isn’t Toyota’s only claim to sustainability fame. Other eco-friendly measures included in the 2011 North American Environmental Report include:


  • The expansion of its hybrid vehicle lineup to 9 vehicles with several more scheduled for reelase in 2012
  • 35 percent reduction in the amount of non-saleable waste per vehicle produced
  • Near zero-landfill status at all of Toyota’s North American manufacturing plants
  • The addition of four new LEED certified buildings
  • The introduction of a battery recovery program for nickel-metal hydride batteries used in Toyota hybrids

For more information about Toyota’s environmental progress this year, visit the automaker’s 2011 North American Environmental Report web portal.

Toyota releases annual sustainability report
Toyota's 2011 North American Environmental Report shows progress towards meeting the automaker's five-year goals.