The zero landfill waste trend continues as Caterpillar announces that two facilities in England achieved zero landfill waste status in 2010. The Caterpillar Remanufacturing & Components Division United Kingdom Hose Assembly plant in Leicester, England and the Caterpillar Logistics Services in Desford, England diverted 100 percent of their waste from area landfills this year.

Although achieving landfill free status is a big undertaking, the journey to zero waste at the Desford facility was a relatively quick process. The goal was first announced in 2008, the process began in March 2009 and by October 2009 the location was able to achieve zero waste status. In October 2010, the facility celebrated its first year as a 100-percent recycling facility.

Paul Morris, site services manager at the Desford facility, is understandably proud of this accomplishment “We’re extremely proud of the results of this project. It’s a great thing for the environment but it’s also great for our business. We’ve taken what used to be a cost and turned it into an asset.” (Source: Caterpillar) Taking a cost and turning it into an asset, sounds like a great business model to me.

Staff at the Desford facility have taken many measures to achieve landfill free status including separating waste into 30 different streams, baling and bundling waste to reduce transportation costs and using smaller desktop recycling bins to encourage employees to generate less waste. The less waste generated, the better. The changes at the Desford facility led to a savings of $183,984 in its first year alone.

Caterpillar’s sustainability goals extend beyond maximizing recycling at facilities around the world. The company’s other eco-friendly initiatives include minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing the use of renewable resources, and minimizing energy, material, water and land use.

To see how Caterpillar is doing in all of these categories, browse Caterpillar’s 2009 Sustainability Report.

Two Caterpillar facilities achieve zero waste
Two Caterpillar facilities in England achieved zero landfill waste status in 2010.