Over the past three weeks, the stock market has made some great single-day gains and some scary single-day losses. On Aug. 8, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 634 points and closed at 10,810. The more than 5.5 percent single-day decline prompted me to look at how the stocks of a few of the nation’s most popular eco-minded businesses were performing. Now it's time for an update.

Overall, the Dow Jones Industrial closed today at 11,539.25, up 254.71 points, an increase of 2.26 percent over Friday's numbers. On Aug. 8, Timberland stock (TBL) closed at $42.55 per share. Today, Timberland stock closed at $42.98, up $0.06 or 0.14 percent for the day. Timberland stock has been up for four of the past five trading days, following the overall trend of the Dow.

Chipotle Mexican Grill really took a hit on Aug. 8, with shares of the stock dropping 6.36 percent to close at $291.70. The company has bounced back and shares of the eco-conscious restaurant closed at $305.25, an increase of 2.13 percent.

The other two companies mentioned in my original post, Tesla Motors and First Solar, have had a good five days. Shares of Tesla Motors closed up 4.13 percent today and the company’s five-day increase is 12.64 percent. First Solar shares rose 1.59 percent and although the Dow’s overall daily increase was higher, the solar company’s five-day record shows an increase of 16.67 percent compared to the Dow’s five-day increase of 6.31 percent.

Although the market is doing better than it was just a few weeks ago, the nation’s economic uncertainty will likely bring volatility back to the stock market over the coming weeks and months.

Photo: Walter Rodriguez/Flickr

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Shares of Timberland, Chipotle, Tesla Motors and First Solar are doing better.