The UPS Foundation has a longstanding relationship with CARE, a humanitarian organization that helps fight poverty on a global level.  During the organization’s annual CARE Conference, held earlier this month, the foundation announced a $1.125 million donation of cash and in-kind support. 

Through the support provided by the UPS Foundation, CARE has been able to utilize a software system that tracks global projects and supplies and in April, the system will be rolled out at a refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya.  The Kenyan camp is the largest refugee camp in the world, housing approximately 500,000 people.

The software allows CARE to: 

  • Utilize a standard platform for inventory visibility
  • Cloud-based storage for remote access
  • Efficient and more accurate reporting and data capture
  • Improved risk management
Additionally, the software could reduce CARE’s risk of fraud and theft.  Currently, CARE uses the software to track water and sanitation projects in Haiti, track 2,000 different supplies in Zimbabwe and keep track of the pre-preparedness supplies housed at locations around the world.  Due to the success of the software system, other NGOs are using the platform to track their supplies.

The $1.125 million cash and in-kind support that CARE will receive for this program is just a fraction of the nearly $100 million that organizations will receive from the UPS Foundation this year.  In addition to the cash donations, UPS employees also volunteer their time, to the tune of more than 1.8 million hours annually.

UPS Foundation donates $1.125 million to CARE
More than $1 million in cash and in-kind donations will help CARE roll out a new supply-tracking program to a Kenyan refugee camp.