The UPS green fleet may soon be expanding, but not with the addition of new eco-friendly big brown hybrid electric trucks. Instead, the company may be adding electrically assisted delivery bicycles to its massive transportation fleet. UPS Germany is currently road-testing these new electric bikes, which they call the Cargo Cruiser, in the city of Dortmund.

Germany, with its narrow streets and small parking spaces, is the perfect place to test the Cargo Cruiser. On Tuesday, Deanna Cain shared a little about the pilot program in a post on the UPS Upside blog: Going for the Cycle.

“Dortmund’s narrow streets offer very few parking or stopping possibilities for larger motor vehicles. Not only does the Cargo Cruiser help with deliveries in this confined cityscape, it also reduces emissions, noise pollution and traffic congestion. What else makes the Cargo Cruiser special besides being a new addition to UPS’s AFV fleet? It’s just kind of cool with its aerodynamic design.”

I agree, it is pretty cool – a definite head-turner. Cain goes on to explain that the Cargo Cruisers have a range of nearly 22 miles, a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour and 77.75 cubic feet of cargo space. Not bad for a delivery vehicle that is both earth-friendly and Dortmund street-friendly.

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