Viral videos — we’ve all seen them. Cute videos of Charlie biting his brother’s finger or returning soldiers being greeted by overjoyed dogs. While most viral videos, and even most viral content in general, is great from an entertainment perspective, they aren’t always filled with meaningful and perhaps life-changing content. However, this may all change with the launch of a new website, Upworthy.


Upworthy is described as “social media with a mission.” According to the site’s About page, “At best, things online are usually either awesome or meaningful, but everything on has a little of both. Sensational and substantial. Entertaining and enlightening. Shocking and significant.”


Founded by Peter Koechley of the Onion and Eli Pariser of Filter Bubble, the site is targeting “The Daily Show” crowd. Upworthy is new but it already has several share-worthy pieces, including a post titled “I’m John Adams, And I Approve This Message Because Thomas Jefferson Sucks.” The video included in the post examines the history of negative campaign attacks in our country. In my opinion, this definitely falls into the entertaining and enlightening category.


In a post announcing the new site, Koechley gives us a glimpse into the kind of topics we can expect as Upworthy grows thanks to a top 10 list. My favorite is “Something like planking or Tebowing but about climate change.” I’m tired of seeing both planking and Tebowing pictures, so I am particularly enthusiastic about Koechley’s number one topic.


What do you think? Is Upworthy’s mission of meaningful viral content achievable?


via [Media Decoder]

Upworthy: Social media with a mission
New website focuses on meaningful viral content.