When I think of Verizon, I don’t think of sustainable practices. Instead, I think of a customer being backed by Verizon’s network; obviously the company’s commercials have had a lasting impression on me. However, Verizon’s attention to the environment is making the news today as the company has been awarded a 2009 Green Choice Award from Natural Health magazine.

Verizon has taken several steps to reduce its impact on the environment:

  • The HopeLine project recycles and reuses mobile phones and uses the money raised through this program to provide grants to domestic violence organizations.
  • The company installed software that allows computers and monitors to be powered off remotely.
  • A Verizon facility in New York uses fuel cells to help offset its power usage.
Verizon has also recently received recognition from the Environmental Defense Fund in the organization’s Innovation Review 2009.
Verizon recognized for environmental efforts
Telecommunications giant Verizon receives a 2009 Green Choice Award from 'Natural Health' magazine.