Over the past several years I’ve seen the question, “What is Facebook worth?”, asked several times by investors, marketers, journalists – basically just about everyone with an interest in the Internet. Well, the answer to that question may only be a few months out if Facebook’s rumored IPO happens as quickly as many think it will.


Just today CNNMoney.com is reporting that Facebook will file its initial IPO paperwork today. That’s right Facebook fans today could be the day! Rumor has it that Facebook hopes to raise $5 billion in its IPO. Yes, billion with a b.


According to the CNNMoney.com article, “Facebook would represent by far the largest global IPO ever by an Internet-focused company, according to data from Dealogic. Google's $1.9 billion debut is currently the largest U.S. Internet IPO.”  Source: CNNMoney.com


I know I’ll be keeping on eye on the news today to see if the rumors come true. Who knows, by the end of the day we’ll find out when we can finally buy shares of Facebook stock.

Waiting for Facebook's IPO
The Internet is abuzz with rumors about the upcoming Facebook IPO.