Researchers from the University of South Carolina and the University of Arkansas have closely followed Walmart’s ongoing implementation of a corporate-wide sustainability strategy as part of the Walmart Sustainability Case Project.  Over the course of the three year project, researchers closely followed Walmart’s progress and the result is a series of seven case studies, with several more case studies scheduled for future publication.

These seven case studies, which are accessible for free online, provide an in-depth analysis of Walmart’s multiple sustainability programs including zero waste goals, the use of renewable energy and offering sustainable products to the millions of Walmart customers.

Currently published cases:

  • Lee Scott’s Founding Vision 
  • Andy Ruben and the Design of Strategic Goals and Processes (A) 
  • Andy Ruben and the Design of Strategic Goals and Processes (B) 
  • Peter Redmond and the Search for Sustainable Seafood (mini-case) 
  • Defining Sustainable Products (A) 
  • Defining Sustainable Products (B) 
  • Consumers and Sustainability at Walmart: A Student’s Perspective
Cases scheduled to be published later this year:
  • Bottled Water (mini-case) 
  • The Worldwide Search for Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags 
  • The Worldwide Implementation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting 
The case studies are now going to be used in a spring 2013 course at the University of South Carolina (USC) Moore School’s International MBA (IMBA) Program.  

“The goal of the Walmart sustainability case project is to lead students through an in-depth analysis of Walmart’s journey of formulating, implementing and measuring an ambitious corporate sustainability strategy. Because we have written multiple, interconnecting teaching cases, we are able to have students look across organizational levels and across time to evaluate and learn from Walmart’s experience,” said Andrew Spicer, an associate professor at USC’s Darla Moore School of Business.  Source: USC

Since the studies are available online, other college professors can follow Spicer’s lead and provide MBA students with an in-depth look at the sustainability strategies in place at one of the largest companies in the world.  

Walmart's sustainability strategy used in MBA course
Walmart's sustainability strategy will be used in an MBA course at the University of South Carolina.