If Facebook had to put an average price on its users that price would be $1.21. Yes, as a Facebook user I’m worth $1.21 to the company, at least based on last quarter’s revenues. Sure, $1.21 doesn’t sound like much but when you multiply it by the site’s 900 million users then the money really begins to add up.


Facebook’s revenue model has been a topic of discussion for years. CNNMoney Tech Reporter Laurie Segall examines a few ways that the social media giant earns money from Facebook game purchases. I’ve never played Farmville but evidently users can purchase cows for their farms. If you bought a cow for your Farmville farm then Facebook made $1.20 from that purchase. That’s not a bad per-purchase revenue for an item in a game as addictive as Farmville.


Photo: tarikgore1/Flickr

Watch: Facebook users worth $1.21 each
Last quarter each Facebook user was worth $1.21.