Most of the green office tips I’ve written about have been a bottom up approach. Get the employees behind the go green movement and then the business executives will be more likely to get on board. However, Brad Roderick, the executive vice president of InkCycle explains his company’s top down approach to a more sustainable office.

Roderick’s first green office tip is that leaders in a company take the initiative. This will then allow employees to have more motivation to follow suit. If the boss is doing it then I better do it too. I see his perspective though, beyond an ‘impress the boss’ view. If someone as busy as the executive vice president of a company has the time and desire to create a more environmentally friendly office space then anyone can do it.

The top down approach to a sustainable workplace is just the first of Roderick’s green office tips. The ideas presented in this video are helpful to companies that are just beginning to look at sustainability in the workplace as well as those companies with green office initiatives already in place.

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InkCycle CEO Brad Roderick explains his company’s top down approach to a green office.