Who doesn’t love a blooper reel? As I watched people record videos at the Green Aha! Moment booth on the Greenbuild 2009 expo floor, I had no clue that a blooper reel would be made. Although this may not generate big belly laughs like outtakes from a Will Ferrell movie, it is certainly worth a few chuckles.

To get a better idea of what the Green Aha! Moment was really about, watch the highlight video.

HOK, an award-winning architectural design firm, was the creative force behind the Green Aha! Moment booth. Instead of highlighting their services, the company asked conference attendees to share their own personal green stories. Many of these videos are now available on the YouTube Green Aha! Moment page.

I didn’t make a video but my Green Aha! Moment came shortly after the birth of my son. A quick look at the ingredients on his tear-free baby shampoo set me off on my own green journey. Now it is your turn, what was your Green Aha! Moment?

Photo: Payton Chung/Flickr