On Saturday, the weekly address featured President Obama discussing the importance of bipartisanship cooperation in order to reduce our national debt. The weekly address followed the first ever Twitter Town Hall, in which President Obama fielded questions about the economy, the deficit and jobs.

The nation’s financial status continued to be the focus of President Obama’s public speeches as the new week started. The president hosted a news conference earlier today to discuss the current state of the debt reduction talks. It appears that the Obama administration and members of Congress are in agreement in some regards but have yet to reach a complete and actionable agreement on the debt ceiling issue.

“We have agreed to a series of spending cuts that will make the government leaner, meaner, more effective, more efficient, and give taxpayers a greater bang for their buck.  That includes defense spending.  That includes health spending.  It includes some programs that I like very much, and we -- be nice to have, but that we can’t afford right now.” Source: The White House

Watch the entire press conference via the video below.

Photo: WEBN-TV/Flickr

Watch: Obama on deficit reduction
President Obama discussed deficit reduction and the debt ceiling in two separate speeches.