Clean drinking water is a global health crisis and charity: water is just one organization dedicated to the cause. The nonprofit will be getting a financial boost thanks to a new program created by The e-commerce company has pledged to donate 5 percent of its sales to charity: water.


The new program was launched after Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water met with CEO Jamin Arvig. Jarvig says the nonprofit organization’s goals fit well with his company’s culture.


“It aligns perfectly with our company’s core values, and especially with our emerging emphasis on servant leadership. As a business, we offer our customers affordable, pure water. As a corporate participant in a larger movement, we are committed to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in need.”


So what does a 5 percent donation look like to a customer? I need a new filter for my LG refrigerator and I could purchase one from the site for $52.49. This means that roughly $2.62 from my purchase would be donated to charity: water.


According to charity: water a donation of $20 will provide clean, safe drinking water to one person in need. If only 9 other people purchased a similarly priced water filter today, the donations would help one person. This means that hundreds, if not thousands, of people could benefit from’s pledge alone.


I’m a big fan of charity: water, for many reasons including that the organization guarantees that 100 percent of the donations it receives from the general public go directly to field operations. The organization’s overhead, including credit card fees, are sponsored. So if you want to boost your donation after purchasing a water filter, head on over to the charity: water website and give directly.

Water filter sales to benefit charity: water will donate 5% of sales to the worldwide water charity.