Groupon partners with Edward Norton

Groupon has joined forces with Edward Norton and is sponsoring the Groupon Earth Day Challenge. The Earth Day Challenge will award the campaign that raises the most money by May 15 an additional $25,000. Campaigns participating in the challenge include the Surfrider Foundation, the Ecolife Foundation and Healthy Child Healthy World.


Groupon is also offering customers special green deals. Green deals available include a discount on natural hypoallergenic pillows, $15 for $35 at EnviroSax and $29 for a $60 portable solar and USB charger.


Coca-Cola donates 1,000 rain barrels

The Coca-Cola Company partnered with River Network to donate 1,000 rain barrels as part of the company’s Earth Month festivities. These 1,000 barrels can capture up to 60 million gallons of water annually. This water can then be reused to wash windows, wash cars, water your new organic garden and more.


Is Earth Day over-hyped?

MNN Blogger Robin Shreeves looks at the marketing hype surrounding Earth Day. Did you know that Hallmark has Earth Day e-cards.


“This Sunday marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. I haven’t said much about it because Earth Day doesn’t do much for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Earth Day when it’s about education and doing actual things for the Earth like cleaning up parks or planting organic edible gardens.”


8 epic videos of Earth

The focus of Earth Day needs to be…the Earth. Check out these videos that show the truly epic beauty of our planet. My favorite is a time-lapse video of the gorgeous landscape in Arizona and Utah.

Weekend reads: Earth Day edition
Groupon deals, rain barrels, epic videos and the marketing hype surrounding Earth Day.