Before you head out for the 4th of July weekend, catch up on some of this week’s green business stories.

Urban density and sustainability

David Boyle tackles the topic of urban density and sustainability in his article for the new economics foundation blog.

“A green city isn't a high-density megalopolis. It's one which has space for gardens and parks, especially if it's to be fair as well as sustainable.”

CSR reports and corporate citizenship

Do better CSR reports lead to better corporate citizens? That is the question being addressed by an article on Research shows that companies that use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard receive more positive attention than those that don’t.

Green marketing

Green marketing is gaining in popularity but consumers need to be on the lookout for greenwashing. Jay Bolus discusses the importance of going beyond description by omission in the green marketing arena.

Good news for green IT

The recent recession and slow economic recovery has caused businesses to cut back. However, one area that isn’t feeling the pinch is eco-friendly information technology. A new report from Deloitte shows that companies are still setting aside IT dollars for green projects.

Say goodbye to Hohm

Microsoft’s Hohm energy management platform is going by the wayside but the company plans to introduce new commercial apps in the future.

Weekend reads: Green biz edition
Urban density, the relationship between CSR reports and corporate citizenship and more green biz news from the week.