Convincing the boss to go green

If you want to green up your workplace but you’re not in charge of the decisions, what do you do? Obviously you need to convince your boss that going green is not just a wise eco-decision but that it is also a wise business decision. An article in Australia’s G Online magazine helps you get prepared to convince your boss to go green.

“Appeal to business logic first, which is all about cost savings and risk management. Be positive in your approach: talk about opportunities, not difficulties. And the better prepared you are, the more convincing your case with be. Management are usually skeptical of what they perceive as 'causes' so you need to be armed with some calculations that demonstrate savings and case studies that show your ideas are realistic.”

Other ideas in the article include making a money-savings case for going green, mention the benefits to staff morale, and the marketing aspect of an eco-friendlier organization.

Survey – Does going green matter?

Stephen Jannise with Software Advice has reviewed the supply chain of five major companies: IBM, Whole Foods, Walmart, Patagonia and Pepsi. After reviewing how environmental concerns are factoring into supply chain decisions, Jannise decided to conduct a survey about the general perception of green supply chains.

In his survey Does Going Green Matter?, Jannise asks whether a company’s supply chain influences your purchasing decision, whether companies are doing enough in the sustainability realm, and more.

Personally, a company’s supply chain does influence my purchasing decision. Now that some of the world’s largest and most well known companies have completed their assessment of internal sustainability issues, they are looking outward at their supply chain. Transparency is the key in my opinion. I’m more likely to purchase products from a company that is transparent with its supply chain, even if it isn’t the most eco-conscious supply chain, than I am to shop with a company that has no transparency at all. What about you?

Opportunity Green 2010

Opportunity Green 2010 is under way in Los Angeles. If you wanted to attend but were unable to get out to L.A. for the event, you can follow the excitement on Twitter and by reading the posts from the Live Bloggers. On Twitter follow @oppgreen and look for hashtag #og10. Check out the Opportunity Green 2010 tweet archives on Twapper Keeper and also check out the Opportunity Green 2010 Live Blog for updates.

Weekend reads: Green business 9/24/2010
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