Lots of great green business stories hitting the web this week including Kohl’s preparations for an electrified vehicle future and Facebook’s decision to reduce its coal-generated electricity use.


Kohl’s prepares to launch EV charging station pilot

Electric vehicle owners will soon have another place to stop for a recharge when they are out and about – Kohl’s. Kohl’s department store is preparing to launch a pilot program at 33 of its stores. Customers at select Kohl’s locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington will be able to charge their EV for free.


Facebook plans to move away from coal-generated electricity

Greenpeace has been urging Facebook to reduce its use of coal-generated power for quite some time now. Well it looks like their efforts are paying off as Facebook has committed to transitioning clean and renewable energy to provide power to Facebook facilities.


Challenge: Outgreen the greenest restaurant

Uncommon Ground, located in Chicago, is the greenest restaurant in the nation according to the Green Restaurant Association. But who did the company beat to win this award? Company owners beat themselves. That’s right, a second Uncommon Ground location is the second greenest restaurant in the nation. While the owners are proud of their accomplishments, they are encouraging other restaurateurs to outdo them – outgreen the greenest restaurant in the nation.


Storage battery industry could reach $50 billion in the next few years

As more automakers develop hybrid and all-electric vehicles and more money is spent to expand the nation’s renewable energy sector, the storage battery industry will see an increase in demand. This demand could mean a $50 billion market by 2015.


Coke has big plans for its PlantBottle

Coca-Cola’s plans to expand the use of its PlantBottle, a beverage container made entirely from plant-based materials, received a boost this week thanks to a new multi-million dollar partnership.


“Agreements with Virent, Gevo and Avantium were announced yesterday following a two-year analysis of different technologies by the drinks company's technical advisory board.”

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