Whole Foods Market is the go-to place for earth-friendly foods, personal care products and more. Although Whole Foods is already a one-stop shop for eco-conscious consumers, the Austin, Texas-based store is about to offer a new product to its customers – a wellness club.

The green grocery retailer will be launching new wellness clubs in select test locations and if the test period proves successful, wellness clubs may open up at Whole Foods stores across the country.

The first Whole Foods Wellness Club opened last week in Dedham, Mass. Whole Foods customers can buy into the club for a $199 one-time fee and a $45 per-month membership fee. Wellness club members have access to nutrition and cooking classes, lifestyle evaluations, a 10 percent discount on 1,000 different products and much more.

With the nation’s growing focus on eating healthy and combating obesity, a wellness club sounds like a great way for consumers to receive both information and support as they strive to live a healthier lifestyle.

Future Wellness Clubs will be opened later this year at Whole Foods stores in Chicago; Oakland, Calif.; Tribeca, N.Y.; and Princeton, N.J. If you live in one of these markets, contact your local store for more information on the program.

[via] USA Today

Whole Foods is testing new wellness clubs
Green grocer will offer clubs in select locations, focusing on nutrition and cooking classes, lifestyle evaluations, product discounts and more.