KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is offering up a free ticket on its first commercial space flight in an online contest that culminates on Monday, April 22, 2013.  At dawn on Monday, KLM will launch a high altitude balloon from the middle of the Nevada desert.  

The balloon will fly higher and higher, going wherever the winds carry it until it reaches its final destination and bursts.  The contestant with the entry that comes closest to both the height of the balloon at the end of its flight as well as the distance the balloon traveled will win a free trip into space on January 1, 2014.  

The prize isn’t just the space flight.  The winner will also receive airfare for two to Curacao and a free stay at one of Curacao’s luxury hotels; only one ticket into space, though.

An SXC Lynx will shuttle the winner and other passengers on the 60-minute flight into space.  Passengers will travel at a max airspeed of Mach 2.9 as the SXC Lynx makes its way approximately 64 miles up into space.  During the descent, the winner and other lucky passengers will experience up to 4Gs of force.

If this sounds like your dream trip, log on to the KLM Space website and submit your guess.  On Monday, you can follow the balloon on its journey through both GPS and a live video feed.  Good luck!

Win a seat on KLM's first space flight
If you've ever wanted to travel into space but don't have a few million dollars lying around, now's your chance.