Zumbox, a digital postal mail provider, just launched a new contest and participants will have a chance to win $1 million. Yes, a million dollar grand prize is up for grabs. I was first introduced to Zumbox in 2009 when MNN blogger Karl Burkhart wrote about this new 21st century postal service product.

Basically, Zumbox securely digitizes your mail. If you like paperless billing and have removed yourself from mass mailing lists then this is the next step in reducing the amount of physical mail you receive. Although e-statements and similar paperless options are increasing in popularity, less than 15 percent of American consumers take advantage of these eco-friendlier options. Zumbox is launching this contest to attract new customers and help reduce the amount of paper waste generated by traditional mail service.

While Zumbox wants to attract new customers, don’t assume that you will have to pay for this service. You won’t. It is free to American postal customers.

So now on to the contest. When you claim your Zumbox mailbox, you will find out if you’ve won one of the six $1 million grand prizes or a number of other prizes. Prizes include 20 Nissan Leafs, 40 Apple iPads, more than 300 Amazon.com gift cards and 8,000+ Starbucks gift cards. Once you claim your box, tell your friends about the contest. If they win a prize, you’ll win that prize, too. The contest is open through Dec. 15, 2011. Check out The Zumbox Million Dollar Giveaway Official Rules for more information.

Although the prize aspect is fun and exciting, the Zumbox service looks like a great way for consumers to manage their mail and help reduce the billions of pieces of paper mail that are delivered to Americans each week.

Zumbox launches $1 million contest
With prize-rich contest, digital postal mail provider wants attract new customers and help reduce the amount of paper waste generated by traditional mail servic