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10 everyday services gone green

By: Sidney Stevens on Dec. 12, 2011, 8:56 a.m.
Woman calling assistance with car trouble

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Auto clubs

Attention eco-minded drivers in need of some roadside reassurance: there’s now a sustainable alternative to AAA. It’s called the Better World Club (BWC), and it offers assistance to stranded drivers and bicyclists alike. BWC says it differs from other auto clubs because it doesn’t use “membership fees to lobby against the Clean Air Act, bike paths or mass transit,” plus the group donates 1 percent of annual revenues to environmental causes. Auto membership starts at $59.95 with new membership discounts for hybrid and biodiesel owners. Participants also get discounts on eco-travel services and rental vehicles (including green cars). Plus, you can purchase green auto insurance through BWC, which offers enrollees carbon offsets against their vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions. Bike-only memberships start at $39.95 and include a 5-10 percent discount on bike gear and tours.