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9 professions that should be extinct but aren't

By: Sidney Stevens on April 13, 2016, 3:09 p.m.
A man sharpens a knife against a grindstone

Photo: Alain Lauga/Shutterstock

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Knife grinder

Back in the day, housewives thrilled to the sound of the traveling knife sharpener's bell clanging through the neighborhood. They'd lug out their dull knives, scissors and gardening tools for some on-the-spot sharpening at the "knife man's" grindstone-equipped truck or pushcart.

Sounds like a colorful relic of the bygone days, but plenty of mobile knife men (and women) still do a thriving business in neighborhoods across the country. The cutlers' carts are mostly gone now in favor of trucks, or, in a few cases, bicycles. And many have also branched out to include house calls and visits to farmers markets.