See how our new terminal in Columbus Ohio is greening shipping in the Midwest.


The new Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal in Columbus, Ohio gives our customers access to key markets in the Midwest.

On an average day, 1,200 containers move in and out the gates, carrying anything from electronics to automotive parts to furniture.

Norfolk Southern works with major trucking companies to move trailers and containers over thousands of miles. This has led to rapid growth in conversion of domestic freight from highway to rail. A single intermodal freight train can haul as much freight as about 300 trucks. 

We conserve fuel, reduce congestion, and help improve the environment. We have the most extensive intermodal network in the East. We serve 48 terminals spread across our network, with plans to grow even more. At Columbus, a primary distribution center with millions of square feet of warehouse space, Rickenbacker is well-positioned both as a transcontinental intermodal freight hub, and the Midwest anchor of the Heartland Corridor. 

The Heartland Corridor is a public-private partnership between Norfolk Southern, the Federal government, and the states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio. Rickenbacker is a gateway that will speed delivery of double-stacked containers from the East Coast to the Ohio Valley and beyond. We’re investing in new facilities like Rickenbacker to meet the demand for intermodal services.

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Each Green Train Takes 300 Trucks Off the Road
Each Green Train Takes 300 Trucks Off the Road