The power of logistics helps connect a growing world and is being used by UPS to address environmental challenges. The science of a highly efficient supply chain combined with innovative cutting-edge technology enables UPS to deliver almost anything, anywhere in the world, while saving fuel, extending the lives of delivery vehicles and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

In this video, you'll learn how UPS uses logistics to stay committed to a more sustainable future. 

In 2011 alone, UPS cut 85 million miles from deliveries and saved 8.4 million gallons of fuel through efficient routing. Telematics, a data-driven approach that transforms UPS vehicles into "rolling laboratories," has led to the savings of more than 98 million minutes of idling time. 

The company also operates one of the largest private alternative-fuel fleets in the industry, with more than 2,500 vehicles running on a variety of hybrid, electric and natural gas technologies. 

A green and efficient supply chain doesn't stop at deliveries. UPS offers sustainable solutions like eco-friendly packaging, reusable envelopes, electronic billing and even carbon-neutral shipping services.

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Efficiency equals sustainability with technology-driven, fuel-saving innovations
UPS saves resources and cuts carbon emissions with fast, efficient delivery routes and environmentally responsible strategies.