Every year, thousands of commodities like food, tents and medicine are shipped to some of the world's most complex and challenging environments to help survivors of disasters, emergencies and political instability. Through a collaboration with UPS and The Aidmatrix Foundation, humanitarian aid organization CARE implemented a unique software system to make it easier to keep track of those donations, coordinating their journey from local warehouses to the foreign outlets that distribute them.

In this video, Customer Solutions Manager Dale Herzog of UPS joins Tracy Allardice of CARE USA and Keith Thode of Aidmatrix to discuss how the software has made it easier for CARE to get goods where they're needed most. 

CARE approached The UPS Foundation for help in logistics and supply chain management. Taking trips to places like Darfur, Honduras and Indonesia, representatives spoke to people on the ground, learning how the organization can improve in terms of communications. The solution was to utilize software built and powered by Aidmatrix, a technology nonprofit specializing in supply chain management for humanitarian relief. 

In the places the system has been introduced, CARE now has much greater visibility into the donations it oversees. The software doesn't require a lot of training, so even people who aren't familiar with computers can quickly learn how to keep track of goods and communicate with other relief outlets. 

"We help show donors the real impact of their donation," says Thode. "They know that their donation went all the way down the chain to that person in need."

Leveraging the work already completed, CARE, Save the Children and Catholic Relief Services are working collaboratively with Aidmatrix to ultimately build a common platform.

Learn more about UPS humanitarian relief efforts at ups.com/responsibility.

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