In many areas around the world, it’s easy to take water for granted: Simply turn a knob and it flows from a faucet. But, no matter where you live, you should take note of your water footprint and make the simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce it.

Water scarcity is a global issue and the associated problems can severely damage the planet and our way of life. Siemens recognizes this. The company works hard to develop and promote water saving innovations as well as inform the public of steps they can take to help reduce their personal water usage.

Siemens water saving technology may be somewhat hidden but its impacts are felt around the globe. Water municipalities are able to reclaim and reuse wastewater using Siemens technology to filter out pollutants, making it clean and safe for irrigation or groundwater re-charge.  Industries also use technology to reduce their water footprint by capturing water in the manufacturing process and reusing it.

In addition, Siemens offers consumers simple solutions for saving water everyday. For example, installing low flow showerheads helps improve water efficiency at home. Even minor tweaks to your daily routine, like turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or only doing full loads of laundry, can help reduce household water usage.

Siemens encourages you to join them in their quest to reduce water consumption. Remember, it’s a natural resource we can’t live without so every drop counts.

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Reducing your water footprint
Siemens reminds the public that water scarcity is a serious, global concern and there are everyday steps we can all take to reduce our water footprint.