Logistics is the most powerful force in business today, and UPS wants to help businesses use it to their competitive advantage. The art and science of delivering goods with speed and precision can help businesses operate more efficiently, cut costs and win new customers who care about the planet.

Because business is more global than ever, the nuts and bolts of how you conduct business has never been more important. In this video, you'll learn ways your company can save time and money with logistics solutions from UPS.

For example, to cut back on waste, you can use environmentally friendly packaging, including recycled materials and more efficient packaging practices. You can also go carbon neutral by offsetting the impact of your shipments. Proceeds go toward worthwhile environmental projects, and the whole process is certified by a third party so you can proudly and confidently share this contribution with your customers.

UPS also offers a Carbon Impact Analysis that determines your company's entire transportation carbon footprint, and then offers solutions to reduce it. Cut your paperwork and paper consumption with UPS Billing Center, and save time managing shipments with the free Web-based tool UPS Quantum View. There are even mobile apps that enable you to ship and track packages and estimate delivery times and costs.

All of these tools help businesses deliver with speed, reduce delays due to customs and international regulations, explore new markets, eliminate tedious manual processes and accelerate cash flow. That means your company operates like a well-oiled machine, projects a better image and makes customers happier.

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Ways to benefit from logistics: UPS solutions for businesses
Learn how your business can save money and lessen its environmental impact with these solutions from UPS.