An Atlanta frozen treat business that began with one cart in a parking lot has now expanded to multiple cities and recently purchased its very own farm.

King of Pops founder Steven Carse said he and his brother, Nick, had been on the lookout for the perfect piece of land for nearly a year when they discovered the 68-acre property in Douglasville, Georgia.

The farm has been an active nursery for 40 years, and the brothers plan to maintain what’s already planted on the site. In addition, they’re growing berries, melons and herbs for their all-natural ice pops.

Popsicle flavors that will be made with the new farm’s ingredients include raspberry-lime, strawberry lemonade and bear trap, a blackberry-and-honey flavored pop.

“It’s really important to use local foods,” Steven said. “First of all, it’s a very, very good product. Second of all, you’re bringing communities together.”

King of Pops in Atlanta

King of Pops vans and carts are a common sight around Atlanta. (Photo: William Frank Fox/flickr)

The farm features several greenhouses, as well as ponds that irrigate the entire farm.

“This is an organic nursery. All the runoff that comes into here is clean and good for food product,” Carse said.

But Carse says the farm won’t be used solely to grow ingredients for his famous popsicles. Herbs and produce will also be sold to the public and local businesses, and it will host farm-to-table events.

“In addition to being a sustainable farm, one of the big purposes and pushes here is to have people come out and learn more about what’s going on.”

Since King Of Pops was founded in 2010, Carse has gone from peddling ice pops in a single cart to selling as many as 15,000 pops on summer weekends in locations throughout Atlanta and surrounding cities.

Last year, the company had sales of $2 million.

To learn more about King Of Pops and its new farm, watch the video above.

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King of Pops buys a farm to grow its own ingredients
King Of Pops founder, Steven Carse, recently purchased a 68-acre farm to grow ingredients for his all-natural ice pops.