Purina’s Tidy Cat is apologizing for a billboard that compared a Cincinnati neighborhood to a smelly litter box.


The ad was part of the brand’s “NoMorePu” ad campaign that highlights things that “stink.” The NoMorePU.com website encourages to visitors to, “Share what stinks in your life. We can’t guarantee a life without stink, but we do guarantee our litter!"


The billboard appeared a mile outside of the city’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and read, "You're so over Over-the-Rhine,” followed by the hashtag #LifeStinks." In 2001, Over-the-Rhine was the site of the largest urban riots since the 1992 Los Angles riots. The race riots were a reaction to the fatal police shooting of 19-year-old Timothy Thomas, but today, the area has seen major new developments.


Neighborhood residents took to social media and Tidy Cat’s website, demanding that the billboard be removed. Over the weekend, Purina tweeted an apology saying, "We're sorry. Our billboard was meant to be humorous, but to many of you it wasn't. We'll take fast action to correct this."


The Over-the-Rhine Tidy Cat ad has since been removed and replaced with a billboard encouraging pet adoption.


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Locals say Tidy Cat's billboard stinks
The ad compared Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood to a smelly litter box, prompting residents to demand an apology.