Need a portable restroom? CALLAHEAD, a New York-based portable toilet company, provides portable toilets for all occasions, from construction sites to special events. But they don't just rent out any regular port-a-potties for workers and guests — they make sure companies and event hosts provide suitable restroom facilities in style.

CALLAHEAD's standard portable toilets come in a range of colors, including white, royal blue, red and green. The highlight of CALLAHEAD's product lines, however, are their portable toilets for special events.

Instead of portable toilets that can be an eyesore or otherwise look out of place, CALLAHEAD offers unique port-a-potty designs for all types of occasions:

Classic Portable Toilet – A blue-stained portable toilet that resembles old world wooden outhouses, meant to showcase American heritage. It has a moon-shaped skylight, an all-wooden interior, mahogany seats and a nostalgic wooden toilet paper holder box with a hinged top.

CALLAHEAD's tele-toilette is modeled after a British phone booth


Tele-Toilette – A British-inspired portable toilet designed to "bring the 'Old York' to the 'New York,'" the Tele-Toilette is a solar-powered, fully carpeted, aviation-style portable toilet that looks like a red British phone booth on the outside with luxury features on the inside. This is CALLAHEAD's latest design.

CALLAHEAD's Ceremony portable toilet for fancy occasions


Ceremony – An elegant and sophisticated white-and-silver portable toilet specially made for weddings, bridal showers, bar mitzvahs, christening parties, black-tie events and other formal affairs.

CALLAHEAD's Purple Potty, ideal for children's events


Purple Potty – A fun, child-size portable toilet for the little ones. Suited for birthday parties, school events, festivals, petting zoos and other children's events, this mini portable toilet has a bright purple exterior and is decorated with festive balloons, colorful handprints and footprints.

CALLAHEAD's La Femme Toilette


La Femme Toilette – A soft pink, floral and lace portable toilet made especially for women. The interior features an illuminated body mirror and is designed to be completely odor-free.

Other designs include: the ToileTree, which gives the illusion of a forest tree; the Garden Head, which resembles a garden on the outside and has a flower basket arrangement inside; the Fountain Head, featuring a fountain artwork for outdoor and garden parties; the ShipsHead, with a downwind ship décor for piers and ocean settings; and the AirHead, which is decorated with flying hot-air balloons to complement beach events.

CALLAHEAD was founded in 1997 and services residents and businesses in New York's five boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, all of Westchester County, and all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.

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