Messages scrawled in permanent marker, stickers that are impossible to fully remove, sticky tape residue and dents: during transit, cardboard shipping boxes receive all of these blemishes and more. And while reusing the same box might be the greenest choice, many companies don’t want to send their products in boxes that are obviously used.

A new kind of corrugated cardboard shipping box might change that stance. The Globe Guard Reusable Box is made to easily and quickly turn inside out for a like-new look using a perforated side and adhesive strip. Inventor Dennis Salazar says this design could save companies money and cut waste.

“Shipping boxes are typically still structurally solid after their first use but they are thrown away or recycled because of how they look,” Salazar told the blog Sustainable is Good.

“Our design enables the clean inside of the box to quickly and easily become the new outside, at least doubling the box’s life cycle. Essentially, the Reusable Box does the job of two boxes, possibly more.”

New shipping box design cuts box waste in half
The Globe Guard Reusable Box easily turns inside out in seconds, making a used shipping box look brand new to encourage reuse.